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Break away and find your freedom riding Nomad
Nomad twin-tips , 21 years of evolution.
Guaranteed to be the best in every point of sailing , grip , upwind angle , super smooth in hard seas , starts and runs on nothing of wind , boosting , we can go on - But this is not what a Nomad kiteboard is about - its about the freedom to enjoy kitesurfing in any condition , light to strongwinds , these boards give the rider the confidence to go for everything. They assist you to achieve any maneuver , its about effortless speed and power accessible to any level of kitesurfing.
Add to the equation Nomad's amazing use of carbon fiber , huge precision flex , lightweight strong construction and you have the very best kiteboard available in kitesurfing today. Every detail tweaked to the clients riding style , a true custom built kiteboard , a highly modern twintip miles ahead of anything else in the kitesurfing market.
New for 2022 - Freestyle Diamond CCS
Riding with our more freestyle orientated clients they all said the same "we need a board fast on landings and great cut for boosting".
The Freestyle diamond uses a very clever outline to achieve a great cut but remaining stable in the landings. The active drive edge length is 130cm's on a 138 board , every kitesurfer knows the smaller the board the easier it is to cut against the power of the kite and launch a jump. The Freestyle Diamond has the feel of a 130 but with the landing control of a 138 twintip.
This twintip achieves both dynamics , great cut and stable landings. The actual tip is 4mm wider than our standard all-terrain outline. The construction uses the strongest and lightest available in kitesurfing , Quad directional carbon-fiber with the Composite hybrid Carbon-dyneema reinforceing the structure, torsional carbon tape is used to control flex and reflex dynamics.
In true custom fashion the Freestyle Diamond shape and flex system can be applied to the Carbon C or the Carbon CC construction systems.
The 2022 Carbon twintip models.
For 2022 Nomad have enhanced the concave and tweaked the outlines for an even smoother ride and updated the carbon construction.
The 2022 model range is divided into 3 construction builds , Carbon C , Carbon CC , Carbon CCS , and 2 riding styles - freestyle or all-terrain. Clients can pick and choose between the build and riding style.
A carbon kiteboard for every budget, each model differs in material specification and the building technique used to complete the finished board.
The customized magic adjusts the flex to the riders weight and perfectly positions the footstraps.
Diamond Freestyle CCS
1775,00 euros
Diamond Freestyle CCS
Quad directional 125HM3K carbon fiber
Built from the very best composite materials available in technology today.
Carbon fiber positioned in four different directions controlling flex.
Diagonal carbon fiber bands controlling torsion.
Built with Carbon-dyneema, ductile, super lightweight, vibration absorbing.
Hand air brushed graphics placed directly on top of carbon laminate.
Lacquered with hardened epoxy coating.
Hybrid Airex core with wood lamina's.
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Carbon CCS
1750,00 euros
Carbon CCS
Composite hybrid using Carbon-Dyneema, Quad directional
Built from the 3K carbon with Kevlar reinforcements.
Carbon fiber 3K twill working in 2 different directions.
Diagonal carbon fiber bands controlling torsion.
This is the real art of composite engineering,
the CCS uses Spectra/dyneema internal reinforcement,
a material which is lighter in weight yet 4 times stronger.
Hybrid Airex core with wood lamina's.
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Carbon CC
1250,00 euros
Carbon CC
3K Twill Carbon , Directional carbon tape
Built from the 3K carbon with Kevlar reinforcements.
Carbon fiber 3K twill working in 2 different directions.
Reinforced with impact absorbing Kevlar.
Underside - finished with snowboard style ICP graphic foil.
Topside - air brushed graphics placed directly on top of carbon laminate.
Topside - lacquered with hardened epoxy coating.
Hybrid Airex core with wood lamina's.
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Carbon C
895,00 euros
Carbon C
3K Twill Carbon. Swiss woven.
Built from Textreme carbon with Glass fiber reinforcements.
Full Textreme 12K carbon top and bottom.
Kevlar reinforcement to distribute the impacts.
Underside - finished with snowboard style ICP graphic foil.
Topside - finished with snowboard style ICP graphic foil.
Hybrid Airex core with wood lamina's.
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Beautiful on the outside , rocket science on the inside.
Carbon fiber can be flexible - it can be rigid - its all in the shape and design. A carbon tube is rigid , a carbon sheet is flexible. Nomad uses carbon fiber with flex to control the shape of the board , think of the flex like a spring , imagine a car with no suspension - very uncomfortable and not controllable. The carbon fiber is flexing , absorbing , quickly adjusting to the movement of the water surface , the result in kitesurfing terms with a great rocker curve and outline is a smooth efficient passage through the water leaving the rider to focus on kitesurfing and pushing the limits.
The first feedback you get from any Nomad rider is how the board is so smooth and effortless , "it feels like you are riding on air"
The Nomad Carbon-twintip range uses carbon in all its models , the more expensive models use a higher carbon content which allows Nomad to be more exact with the flex and even position carbon in key areas. The result is an even smoother and precise ride with the high end models.
Don't forget the weight aspect , the amazing feeling of riding a lightweight kiteboard can never be underestimated. The weight of each kiteboard is directly customized to the riders weight. Nomad will build a twinip for a 50 kilo rider lighter in weight than a twintip built for a 100 kilo rider. In safety terms Nomad builds a twintip about double the strength needed for the riders weight giving years of use and a highly guaranteed product.
Carbon fiber is a very strong material , one of its key aspects is weight to strength ratio, to support the carbon fiber further Nomad uses Kevlar and Dyneema to guarantee strength and absorb high impact loads and distribute forces across the entire kiteboard structure. The Carbon C and Carbon CC both use Kevlar in the laminates , the Carbon CCS uses Dyneema a composite hybrid used for kite lines and many military applications. The Carbon CCS uses Dyneema to create an extremely strong and lightweight kiteboard , only this combination of Carbon-Dyneema can achieve this bullet proof construction with advanced vibration absorbing dynamics , and unfortunately explains the twintips high price.
Some quick weight examples , a Carbon CCS at 138 for a 80 kilo rider weighs 1,6 kilos , the Carbon C at 142 for a 100 kilo rider weighs 2,0 kilos.
Don't underestimate the complexity of using the above building techniques , its taken 19 years - Nomad calculates some 3000 sold custom twintips to achieve the level of experience and the result of what is today the most detailed shape and kiteboard design available in the world today , rocket science ? getting there...
138 x 41 Carbon CCS twintip , exact 3D model taken from our powerful CNC software.
Comfort , Comfort - the very important footstrap positions
Footstrap positions
The major advantage of custom building kiteboards is personalizing to the mm the positions of the footstraps , many riders end up with footstrap positions as it came in the box. Nomad offers 20 years of riding kiteboards to help you find the exact position for your style and riding level. The strap positions is all about comfort , its not important the size of the board or the discipline you are riding. After 2 hours of kitesurfing incorrect positions can start to tell , problems with knees and ankles can easily be sorted by well placed footstraps.
During the ordering process Nomad carefully looks at positions used on a clients previous kiteboard and makes any recommendations needed. Multiple positions are also a great idea and free of charge.
The very best kiteboard construction has to have the very best footstrap-pad set.
There is no alternative to thickness of foam, the more material the better and safer is the riders comfort. The Nomad pads are 40mm thick using various density's of foam to absorb impacts and deliver a highly cushioned ride.
The entire pad assembly sits on an ABS plate which has multiple options to find the perfect position.
Highly flexible and comfortable footstraps which move and twist with the foot, 100% contact between the strap and foot supporting the foot perfectly.
Diamond stitching holding the the key foam components in unison.
Nomad has tested a wide variety of straps and continually goes back to this outstanding design built from the highest quality materials and production processes.
Quick look at the details.
All Nomad custom boards are individually custom hand built in Germany.
All kiteboards are custom built, shape, weight, flex, footstrap placement, strap insert sets, graphic design and colors.
Each twintip is optimized to the clients weight with a calculated flex guaranteeing the same ride dynamics for heavy or lightweight riders alike.
Footstrap inserts are positioned to the clients personal riding stance optimizing comfort and board feel.
Price quoted on all models includes Nomad straps and pads , ABS handle , G10 48mm fins.
Graphic color and design options at no extra charge, clients can create there own custom graphics at an extra charge. Emails, telephone numbers and personal info can also be included in the graphic sets free of charge.
Optional extras on all twin-tips , Carbon fiber handle 150,00 euros , Carbon fiber fins 350,00 euros , Board-bag 58,00 euros.
Carbon C - 895,00 euros
Carbon CC - 1250,00 euros
Carbon CCS - 1750,00 euros
Freestyle Diamond CCS - 1775,00 euros
2022 Twin-Tip range.
Each Nomad Twin-tip is hand made in our German Factory, Custom order
We also have some selected Twin-tips in stock for immediate delivery. Direct order
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