Carbon - Fiber - Twintips

17 Years of building custom kiteboards, a factory where computer science meets craftsmanship meets Germanic organisation.
The product a dynamic masterpiece.
Beautiful on the outside , rocket science on the inside.

Carbon Technology

Airbrushed graphics placed on top of carbon fiber all coated in scratch resistant epoxy.
The build... digitally cut and positioned carbon elements laminated to a CNC cut hybrid core.
Yes... that's the same process used to build F1 cars.
Beautiful on the outside , rocket science on the inside.

Let's jump straight in the loop....

First step....

First and most important - Freeride or Freestyle ?? - Choose your style.
The kiteboard is doing everything for you - cutting through the chop smoothly.
Easy to control and load jumps with soft automatic landings, fast carving turns
maximizing speed flex . A shape that inspires confidence.
This kiteboard is alive , where you look the board follows , skillful with limitless power.
Slighlty more rigid than the freeride board giving fast landings and onto the
next trick or turn. A real competition shape.
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The performance of carbon fiber....

Second step....

Nomad twintips use carbon fiber to enhance the performance of the kiteboard,
the more carbon fiber the more you get of that special "Nomad" performance.
Loads of grip, smooth and cutting in chop. Incredibly strong compact construction.
All custom built and personalized for you.
Carbon C
Breath taking simplicity, years ahead of any other carbon kiteboard on the market.
Nomad's 125HM3K carbon fiber top and bottom.
Under the hood - 20% Kevlar, 140cm twintip weight 1,95 kilo.
Carbon CC
Adding carbon fiber in specific areas to enhance performance dynamics.
Same as the Carbon C with X-torsion carbon fiber , center and tips.
Under the hood - 60% Kevlar, twintip weight 1,80 kilo.
Carbon CCS
The "Holy Moly" of kitesurfing technology.
Carbon fiber controlling performance and ride at its finest.
Same as the Carbon CC with 45" Carbon fiber drive rail.
Under the hood - 75% Spectra/Dynema fiber, twintip weight 1,60 kilo.

Thousand's of colors....

Third step....

Choose between two graphic designs and any logo color you want.
Concentration of color at the board's center.
Crazy shadow
A lively twist to the Shadow design.
Custom Graphics
Design your own graphic's, your style, your ideas.
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The finest craftsmanship.

"Crazy Shadow" graphic.

--The Guarantee--

All Nomad kiteboards have a great depth of guaranteed performance , the first to get going in light winds and the easiest to control in rough seas with high winds. The highest angle upwind with confidence inspiring stability and grip in all directions of sailing. The speed is comparable with a Porsche 911 , when you want speed its there , easy, efficient and controllable. All Nomad kiteboards have a guarantee of performance and construction.

Quick look at the details.

All Nomad custom boards are individually hand built in Germany.
Each twintip is optimized to the clients weight with a specific flex guaranteeing the same ride dynamics for heavy or lightweight riders alike.
Footstrap positions are positioned to the clients personal riding stance optimizing comfort and board feel.
The shape is chosen from a variety of pressure molds with careful recommendations from Nomad.
All Nomad twin-tips are shipped complete with Nomad straps and pads, handle, G10 48mm fins
Graphic color and design options at no extra charge, custom graphics by your own design available.
Optional extras on all twin-tips, Carbon fiber handle, Carbon fiber fins, Boardbag.
Carbon C - 895 euros
Full Carbon fiber twin-tip using the very best Swiss woven 3k carbon fiber
20% Kevlar reinforced internal lamination guaranteeing strength and impact resistance.
Carbon CC - 1250 euros
Full Carbon fiber twin-tip with extra hand laced carbon controlling torsional flex.
60% Kevlar reinforced internal lamination guaranteeing strength and impact resistance.
Carbon CCS - 1750 euros
Full Carbon twin-tip using extra carbon fiber in specific flex areas.
Internal core laminated with the amazingly strong Spectra/dynema fiber, this military grade fiber is the same material used for kite lines.
With the lightest strength to weight ratio, Spectra has enormous impact resistance and is a favourite for bullet proof vests.

Let's drive with the very best footstraps and pads..

Fitted as standard on all Nomad twin-tips, diamond stitched with neoprene softly cushioning the foot.
2019 Twin-Tip range.
Each Nomad Twin-tip is hand made in our German Factory, Custom order
We also have some selected Twin-tips in stock for immediate delivery. Direct order
Carbon fiber Twin-tip
Freeride - Freestyle
122 - 142
Wave Twin-tip
Wave / All-Terrain
136 - 150
Lightwind Twin-tip
Lightwind freeride
142 - 150
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Carbon Fiber Kiteboard technology
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