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Nomad very carefully builds and ships its finished kiteboards , the most important information and at the end of this process comes from our clients - "how does the kiteboard ride" ?? "What do you think of the finished product" ??
With this invaluable information we have designed our ordering process, our customer service and most importantly check our shapes and designs to maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship and the very best on the water performance in kitesurfing.
Below we have selected a small cross-section of different models and given examples of clients comments.
With great pride on our behalf all comments are written by our clients.
142 x 43 Lightwind, England
Client weight - 83kilos, Delivery date: 22-02-2021
The board is going great! I took the board to Lefkada on my holidays. Had 5 sessions while there and was very happy in all conditions. 9m plus light swell. 14m plus light swell and rough swell waves. All great, comfortable. Such enjoyable board , i always have a smile on my face. It looked stunning against the colour of the water as well. Got some GoPro vid capture so will share once edited. Thanks for the great graphic.
145 x 43 C-wave, Denmark
Client weight - 100kilos, Delivery date: 22-12-2021
I am very happy with my new nomad board. The features I like most about it is it’s quicker planning and that I can go higher up against the wind compared to my old board. I am also getting more into practicing my jumping skills, and feel I have progressed further on this new board. Very happy with the board and Simon. He has handled the process fantastic with excellent communication through the process.
150 x 43 CC-wave, Netherlands
Client weight - 96kilos, Delivery date: 02-10-2020
Best twintip I have ridden. Was able to get out only 4 times in October. Basically does everything the Mako did, but better. One thing about the Mako was that it was so stiff, I had to really perfect my landings. The Nomad is much softer. It also loads much better, so I can basically go as high as I want and relax more on the descent. One new thing I can do on the Nomad is a 180 skate board style. Sink the back part of the board underwater and pivot 180 and go in the other direction. Totally worth it.
133 x 39 CCS-Diamond, US
Client weight - 50kilos, Delivery date: 19-08-2019
Finally I tested the board. I loved it!!! So smooth to ride but firm at the same time! Very manageable to do the pops and soft landings! Still comfortable on chopi! I really liked it. Actually I tryed a duotone board, one after the other I must say there’s no comparison!!!
142 x 41 CC-wave, Netherlands
Client weight - 72kilos, Delivery date: 17-06-2019
First waves today with this diamond board : ONLY HAPPINESS...👏😜 I'm sure this board will be the only one I'll use !
150 x 44 Carbon-wave, USA
Client weight - 102kilos, Delivery date: 08-05-2019
I've used the new board enough times now that I can give feedback. My point of reference is the Mako 165. The Nomad is lighter and feels considerably more nimble, as would be expected. I do notice that I'm getting much better pop off of wave ramps and the lightness really builds confidence. The board arrived well packed and in beautiful condition, I was quite surprised the day it arrived, I was expected it to be at least a few more days. The low end wind range is very similar to the Mako 165, quite amazing at 15cm shorter! Other than that I love the board. It's light, very responsive turning, great pop and comfortable to ride. I love the business-like graphics too!I believe the board has already helped me progress.
139 x 42 Carbon-CCS, UK
Client weight - 90kilos, Delivery date: 07-08-2019
I keep forgetting to tell you how awesome the new board is. Cuts through the chop almost in silence. Everyone at the beach is very jealous....
134 x 40 Carbon-C, USA
Client weight - 70kilos, Delivery date: 20-08-2019
Overall the board is exceptional, it rides very well and is extremely comfortable. As always thanks for your support and responsiveness. I definitely appreciate the quality of your product and have nothing but good things to say about Nomad. I have already landed several tricks i found difficult with my older twintip.
146 x 42 Carbon-wave, Europe
Client weight - 84kilos, Delivery date: 03-07-2019
To date i have tested the board 3 times.Only in light wind (13 - 17 knots) First impression is very nice. Maybe it is best described with the following statements: - play full but grippy - high tech but handmade - strong but light - stiff but flexible. What i really liked was the ease of use. very easy in the chop and perfect grip in long, high speed jibes and jumping hard.
142 x 43,5 Lightwind Pro, Europe
Client weight - 82kilos, Delivery date: 03-05-2019
It’s such a easy comfortable ride and the board builds so much confidence to try stuff. The lightness is such a dream on the legs. It goes upwind so easily and very manoeuvrable in the transitions. Yesterday i was out with 3 other kiters. A foiler and 2 TT. I just stayed up wind carving around. Fantastic. One of the unique things I found with your boards is they give you confidence to try stuff when you’re a rider like me. They have a feel which other boards don’t. They are really forgiving.
Freedom to Ride
Venezuela, Los Roques.
140 CC-Wave, custom graphics.
Race winning performance.
The Nomad wave-twintip showed its easily controllable speed and efficient hull design by winning the 2017 "Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race".
The Nomad was the first twintip to finish easily beating Aaron Hadlow who finished second.
Congratulations to the organizers and all who compete in this yearly classic.
2022 Twin-Tip range.
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