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Carbon fiber kiteboards
Carbon CCS - Carbon fiber twintip CCS Twin-tip
    All our twintips are built the same way , stock or custom , if you like are stock boards are custom built for an 80 kilo rider with the straps fixed in a standard position. However the stock boards can also be used for any rider up to 125 or down to 50 kilos , the safety margins are all designed into the construction. If you want to order quickly have a look at our stock kiteboards page.
    Carbon fins - 48mm , these fins are half the weight of our G10 fins and have the perfect water foil. The foil gives perfect water flow over the fin , this gives traction at very low speeds and stops water de-lamination at high speeds - high wind conditions. This fin never spins out with always immediate grip after jumps and switching. Confidence inspiring with the rider able to push hard in whatever situation.
    Carbon fiber handle - beautifully hand crafted , half the weight of any kitesurf grab handle on the market , the grip finished in a matt-satin texture giving a smooth grip with Nomad logo hand painted in any color.
Order wave-twintips quickly and directly from Nomad , Germany.
Order Carbon fiber fins quickly and directly from Nomad , Germany.
Order the Carbon fiber handle quickly and directly from Nomad , Germany.
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