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Carbon C-Wave 2020 MK-3
More refinement, more performance
Carbon CCS twintip 2020
The very best of power and smoothness
Carbon-wave MK-3
Textreme Carbon snowboard construction
Nomad shaper and designer
Ride with power, a day with Simon
Nomad Kiteboarding is firmly established as the innovation leader in the Custom kiteboard market by designing and producing an alternative for riders who are serious about their kitesurfing. Building off this success the company has expanded its activity and product lines to include a range of production twin-tips built in Germany to the same exacting standard with industry leading specification tolerances.
There is a lot more that goes into a great board than just the graphics....
We spend a lot of time on flex tuning - there is a direct relationship between flex, outline and rocker. Its the flex that produces the 'magic ride' for any given design. With flex we have two options to tune; laminate and thickness profile, both of which have an impact on the rocker. After carefully filtering through a clients comments we make tiny changes - 0.2mm - to the thickness profile and build a custom kiteboard suited to the clients weight and riding style. The result is the 'magic ride' kiteboard that Nomad riders so passionately detail on Internet forums through out the world.
2020/21 Twin-tip product range
Zx series carbon twintip kiteboard kitesurf
5'10' Professional
Spain, Tarifa.
Carbon fiber, PVC, waterproof core.
The MK-3 2020 wave-twintip.
For enjoying kitesurfing - great turns - big jumps - cruising the Islands and super smooth comfort , in 2004 we took a standard twintip and cut the outline to an elliptical shape and made a few tweaks to the underside dynamics , following high demand we finally introduced the wave-twintip for global sales in 2014. This MK-3 version is developed from the 2014 edition and polishes an already harmonic shape , small modifications have been made to furhter enhance ride dynamics.
Freedom to Ride
Venezuela, Los Roques.
140 CC-Wave, custom graphics.
Race winning performance.
The Nomad wave-twintip showed its easily controllable speed and efficient hull design by winning the "Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton race".
The Nomad was the first twintip to finish easily beating Aaron Hadlow who finished second.
Congratulations to the organizers and all who compete in this yearly classic.
2020 Twin-Tip range.
Each Nomad Twin-tip is hand made in our German Factory, Custom order
We also have some selected Twin-tips in stock for immediate delivery. Direct order
Nomad Kiteboarding
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Nomad Kiteboarding is an international water-sports company based in Germany, with our main material testing in Tarifa, Spain. Our vision is of producing the perfect kiteboard....
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